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UpBeat Living: Self-Talk

                                       by Kebba Buckley, M.S.


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We often think about what will make our relationships with others work better. Some of us wonder how we can be happier and more effective in our lives. But how about your relationship with yourself? Some people joke about what their “inner self” wants or what their “real self” drives or what the “real me” will be when it grows up. But the “inner self” is no joke. The brain is listening to everything you say and is acting on it all the time. For example, if you keep saying, “it’s so hot! Wow, I’m uncomfortable in this heat!”, you will feel more hot and uncomfortable. Or, try “ I am SO TIRED!” Say it 20 times. Sure enough, you will get tired. This is called “neurolinguistic programming”, or NLP. We literally program ourselves through our self-talk.

If you spoke in a mean, rude way to others, would you expect a great relationship? Yet, people say mean and rude things to themselves all the time. For example, when many people first look in the bathroom mirror in the morning, they say, “Wow, are you ugly!” People joke that they look “frightening” before they groom. Some are always saying to themselves, “you are fat and disgusting!” When people use positive NLP, their lives change greatly.

This month, try your own NLP experiment! The following phrases were developed by me, based on the major types of negative stressors and self-talk that people have. These phrases are designed to directly deprogram common negative thinking patterns. First, write down how you feel about your self and your life in a paragraph or two. Then date it and put it away. Pick and edit 6 or more of the phrases below, to build your own morning/evening selfspeech. Write your speech, put it in your wallet and on your mirror. Read it out loud, repeat 10 times, twice per day, for 2 weeks. Then write a fresh paragraph about how you feel about yourself and your life and date it. Get out the previous paragraph and compare. Is it worth changing your self-talk? You bet your life. After you try these for 2 weeks, let me know how you feel and how things are going.

I love myself unconditionally. I’m a precious person/Child of God.

I’m a powerful wo/man who walks in strength/Grace and truth/beauty.

I’m in perfect, young, beautiful, radiant health. I love my petite, strong, energetic body. My body easily metabolizes whatever I eat or drink; it takes the best and lets go of the rest.

I have excellent discernment (not judgment) and easily make the wisest decisions for my life. My mind is always clear. I always know what is best to allocate my time and energy to. I focus easily and complete tasks very efficiently. Any appearance of clutter is now substantially reduced; I love how clearing clutter clears my mind, and clearing my mind clears clutter.

In every moment, I do my best, as I have always done my best in every moment of life. I know deeply that others are doing their best, also. I feel at least compassion for all people and situations. All Life is connected, and I am connected to All Life.

I’m a complete success, financially and in all ways. I am a superb steward of my finances and of all my resources.

I have a core, deep within me, of profound and limitless personal peace. I know I am on my perfect LifePath.

I have and build strong, joyous relationships with my family and everyone. I feel safe and secure. I feel worthy, well-liked, and loved. My heart is full and happy. I count! I am needed.

The perfect friends, colleagues, and opportunities are always flowing easily into my life.

I love my life!

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Kebba Buckley Button speaks nationally on stress management and energized living. She is a coach, spiritual teacher, and energy therapist, as well as the author of How to Unstress Now!, a handbook on how to trade in your stress for energy.



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